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I'm not trying to be rude

I'm not trying to be rude here, but respectfully you have no idea and you're opinion of South Carolinians is just completely based off your perception of SC. I interact with them everyday to know this isn't true -- now is there Graham supporters? Of course, there's still a healthy chunk of "Israel over America people" here, but that's all Graham has and it's not even close to being enough. SC has made some steps since they booed Ron Paul. : There's a post I made that explains just what kind of support Graham has and the developing situation here.

And then there was a new poll that was released right after I made that posting, that shows from the time of the last poll (October) to now, 49% of registered Republicans in SC want somebody new. Only 38% wanted Graham reelected. And with SC a runoff state, this is pretty much dead man walking for Graham. I'm so confident Graham is finished, that I would bet anything that he loses (his home county of Pickens, just voted to censure him). The question is, who will replace him? And that's the battle.