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not exactly

The five points of the pentagram represent the four classical elements of earth, water, fire, and air, and the fifth point represents the element of spirit. Thus, a right side up pentagram represents the spirit above the four elements, or the spirit over matter. It also represents a man, with four limbs and a head. An upside down pentagram is then supposed to represent the four elements above spirit, or the triumph of matter over spirit. It also represents the horns of a goat, an ancient symbol of virility and desires of the flesh.

While the pentagram symbol is quite ancient, I believe this whole right side up vs. upside down thing is a pretty recent invention that was first promulgated by Eliphas Levi in the 1850's. He is the guy most famous for his Baphomet image that people have posted on the DP before. The upside down pentagram was later adapted by the Church of Satan as their symbol, because they are materialists and value the material world over the spiritual. They believe talks of spirit are used to confuse and oppress mankind.

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