Comment: Downvote? Are you kidding me?

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Downvote? Are you kidding me?

Looks like the down voter may fall into same category of scientists who said heavier than air flight is not possible.

These electromagnetic based particle accelerators cannot even come close to what is possible with ultrafast laser generated magnetic fields especially when the right optical geometry is applied.

Also, in Haramein's model, the scaling laws demonstrates the accuracy of his theory and demonstrates exactly how gravitational time dilation accounts for the relative mass measurements.

I found similar results to Harameins on my own totally independently of his work but I was working at the photon cavity level not the proton. The thing that I realized before I learned of Haramein's work is that the key is that if one radiates outward in all directions the final destination is from within. This is key and I am not even sure if Haramein himself has realized that this is what he is saying.

This concept is the 4d equivalent to realizing the Earth is not flat but a round sphere. The 4d spacetime is also round in the sense that if one travels inward they will arrive from all outward directions just like if someone on Earth (assuming a perfect spherical Earth) walks in straight line their destination will be right back where the started. Same situation goes for 4d and the implications are absolutely mind blowing. From this realization one can clearly see that the photon cavity is a gravitationally time dilated relativistic cavity that makes specific orbitals as wave harmonics. The picture I have in my DP profile is from a computer program I wrote to demonstrate the gravitationally dilated photonic cavity. The picture I have there is the 5th harmonic cavity. I call this cavity the fractosphere but what is shown is only one time slice of hypertemporal fractal cavity.

There is much more to this and I am absolutely convinced at this point that the standard model is simply a set of mathematical mechanics of what they see from their particle experiments but does not even come close describing what is actually going on.

I believe Haramein has found the correct solution but I also know he has not completely revealed the full extent of his work yet. I think that the fractosphere will intersect with his work to describe the gravitationally dilated photonic cavity at some point but I have not gotten there yet.

So I think you down vote is pre-mature and unfounded.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...