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The 14th Amendment is the

The 14th Amendment is the private law that binds you to the statutory whim of Congress. You assent to it, and grant the federal government authority over you, every time you vote, register, apply for a license, or receive a government "benefit."

Income Taxes, BTW, are voluntary because being a 14th Amendment US citizen is voluntary.

I do not advocate any attempt to "chain [a] government down," but rather by knowing the law that created the Union, and thus the de jure status in the organic system our forebears enjoyed, one can unchain himself from the bonds that he has unwittingly submitted himself to under this current, perverted, de facto law system established by the 14th Amendment.

If you want morality, know the law and act morally. The government is, in fact, acting morally according to the code of its law system that we all have approved of, and continue to support with our participation in it.

It really is that simple.

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