Comment: Could be bad news for the 2nd amendment

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Could be bad news for the 2nd amendment

If citizens were not permitted to legally own guns and Goedrich (the homeowner) was innocent of the purpose of the warrant then no harm no foul. See how that works?

However, if he is proven to be engaging in a criminal activity in his home should he still have the right to defend his home with such lethal force? If so, what about guilty unapprehended murder suspects?

The point is this: If you are willing and doing something illegal with regards to the law then shouldn't the cops with a warrant be a possible reason for an intrusion of your property if and when it is occurring, or was he too high on something to think of that first?

It is just another reason to keep the war on drugs status quo.

What is the reality here? Remember, the government is still the people. We the people sent that now deceased officer to that property with a warrant. If the people say it is illegal to grow or possess pot in Texas (Ron Paul's home State), then so it is. I don't think I can cheer for this outcome.

It is another reason why people will say all guns should be banned.

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