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Here is one of the key holes to revisit Rajneeshpuram, Oregon!

The following documentary is pretty okay as a starter to revisit Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.

I would say that one of the key issues of Rajneeshpuram was Property Rights. Rajneesh/Bhagwan disciples bought this huge piece of land in Oregon and they wanted to transform it into something completely new and they were not allowed to do that.

This documentary is definitely worth watching for anybody who wants to revisit what happened in Oregon in 80's, but at the same time it is definitely not the whole truth at all. What happened in Oregon at that time is highly complex.

And here is one of the best books about Osho/Bhagwan I have ever read and it of course has also chapters about the events concerning Oregon:

This book is written by Sam who was a disciple of Osho. The name "Sam" is pseudonym that an English anarchist Chris Gray used when he penned this book. Here is the link:

Osho transformed my view about spirituality as radically as Ron Paul changed it about politics and economics. Well maybe Osho's views changed me even more radically as spirituality goes deeper than politics and economics into the essence of human existence.

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