Comment: Are you implying it's like leprechauns' gold?

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Are you implying it's like leprechauns' gold?

"Sadly, you can't mine Higgs Bosons."

Perhaps not yet, but there is still hope.

There is a free market solution. ;) They probably would find a way to mine Higgs bosons if CERN marked the end of outsourced public funding, if their capability to fund a new collider were dependent on the success of their current one. If they've actually discovered such a thing, why can't they mine it? Spending as much money and effort to build CERN shows the Higgs boson to be an item in high demand. Just think of how such a commodity could revolutionize the futures market! :D JPMorgan and GoldmanSachs would probably empty their pockets or perhaps issue newly created Higgs derivatives in attempts to outbid each other to secure exclusive rights in financing a new collider to better acquire and corner the boson market.