Comment: Is true anarchy the ability

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Is true anarchy the ability

Is true anarchy the ability to govern oneself from within?

Is that what anarchy is all about?

"I shall govern thyself, nobody else shall govern thee."

If so, the essence of anarchy is rooted in Independence.

The Founding Fathers of America were against the idea of being ruled by a King or Queen. They desired to govern themselves without a central authority, so they wrote a Declaration...of Independence.

In a way, America was built on anarchy because people being able to govern themselves is the exact opposite of a monarchy.

But as we all know, no single person on earth is able to live completely independent lives.

We depended upon our parents to take care of us and feed us.

We depended upon our brothers and sisters and friends for support.

We depended on a good doctor to help deliver us into this amazing, beautiful, wondrous world.

We depend on each other for many things.

Love is not independent. Love is not an anarchist.

Anarchy is a single, vibrant tree in the middle of nowhere...looking for a companion or two to call friends because being all by yourself sometimes really sucks.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.