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Scientific Audience- An audience well versed in mathematics and relativistic physics

"right" - sloppy commentary English for 'directly' in his slides

As far as my "zeal". My apologies. I have clearly demonstrated that I am virtually rough around the edges and will happily admit to that. ;D lol

All I can say about Haramein is that it is completely eerie to me how similar his conclusions are to my own independent findings.

When I say independent findings I mean totally independent because I first began down the path of the Fractosphere from tripping on Hawaiian woodrose seeds and nature revealed the Fractospheres around every piece of matter I looked at for the entire 16 hour trip. Nature also clearly told me that these spherical shapes are "the shape of gravity". Many examples came from this trip instantly and I even have a whole group of witnesses who were present for my epically profound eureka moment with me describing things like the concept of radiating outward having a destination from within relating back to the example back to walking in straight line on Earth being the right back where one started and even pointing to the sky and saying that if I were to point to a black hole in one part of the sky that I would be pointing to the inside of a star on the on the other side of the sky. 4D is round. That was the basic gist of the vision but the Fractosphere shape was perfectly clear and the geometry was perfectly exact with no exceptions.

This began a 7 year journey (spare time) to finally realize the computer program model of the Fractosphere model I have screenshot of in my DP profile picture. Nearly two years after I completed the program model I then discovered Haramein's work and then when he pointed out the mass of the proton being the mass of the entire known universe I instantly realized that Haramein was saying the same thing I had realized tripping and what my calculations had revealed.

I also had an invention back in 1998 (before any of this) that I had no idea what it was but the universe literally smacked me upside the head with a vision (not tripping) of a very precise geometrical laser optical setup that I did not know what it was even for. I have numerous notebooks filled with drawings and notes that clearly show various experiments and questions with possible uses that range from optical engines to novel energy generation to dozens of others possible applications. That geometric optical setup haunted me for years not knowing exactly what nature was telling me.

Then about 3 months ago nature finally told me EXACTLY what the optical system is for and it turns out that it has several different highly useful applications. The prime one being a very specific particle accelerator that could possibly be used to open the black hole proton to form a possible stargate. The stargate concept being real fluffy and unprovable (and totally dependent on the proton being a Black Hole) without actually building this device, I am now looking at the other easily provable applications that includes the most powerful laser amplification system ever devised.

When I worked with a group at the University I went to, we published the world record (still standing) of power density in a power transistor and later I figured out a way to make that cooling method orders of magnitude beyond anything that University group ever conceived and I figured out how to apply this advanced cooling system to a novel laser amplification system in order to achieve (by FAR) the most powerful laser amplification technique ever done with that optical geometry and cooling method which correspondingly will create by far the strongest magnetic fields ever produced by man.
I then realized that these magnetic fields could then be used to produce the most advanced particle accelerator ever produced that could easily fit inside a normal sized room and built for around $10 million in parts.

Problem with all of this is that we live in a world where military psychopaths want to use this type of technology for world domination and enslavement of all mankind, so there is no hope of building such a device until I make enough wealth to actually build the damn thing myself in private. That wealth making is in process but will take about another 2 years to get there but I am on track.

So this is just a tiny glimmer of why I am so drawn to believe Haramein's work. The coincidences and overlapping independent work is way too similar to ignore for me personally. Maybe I am just nuts on this but my other advanced technologies that are proven give some validity to the fact that I am not totally nuts. The support I have of top level scientists of my other technologies also gives some reputable experience to my capabilities.

Again my apologies for the zeal. I like to believe it is just humble confidence.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...