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If I were LOOKING for a DRO to subscribe to...

Any DRO that DOESN'T SOLVE THESE SIMPLE problems up front... will be competed out of the market. These issues are the basics. Why are they so basic? Because THEY ARE THE FIRST CONCERN that comes to mind from potential customers.

In a truly free market, DROs without these clauses would not even make the first step into the DRO market.


Even worse, when you dangle that kind of financial incentive out there you've made it worth someone's while to go to a *lot* of trouble to cook up a plausible case against you, with fake evidence that may be hard to refute, false testimony,

The MORE COMPLICATED you see a potential problem to be, THE MORE CREATIVE the solution must be.

So if you can be one of these clever business men that can devise the CORRUPTION PROOF meeting type, devise the procedure on how to conduct a meeting that absolutely satisfies the customer of full disclosure... THEN YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. And you are providing something that people really want.


Can I imagine exactly how this could work out? Hell no.

In 1850, could I have told you how cotton would be picked 60 years in the future? Hell no.

The INSANE ANSWER WAS that giant robots that ran on the fuel of crushed trees and fossils would do the work of 1000 men. That answer sounds far-fetched and sci-fi; but it was what really happened. And today that sci-fi existence of combustion machines does not seem that impressive, it seems quite basic to our understanding.


So will be the seemingly "sci-fi" solutions that come in to resolve our main problems.