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It is more similar than not

to Nazi's I mean. The reference is to the providers. It is calculated, clinically precise and wrapped in the all powerful camouflage of Science.

I have to ask, did you watch the complete video and here the dialogue?

This was a 23 week old baby being discussed. If you have seen a 23 week old fetus you could not deny its humanity. It is a child.

They told this lady if she goes into labor, even if the child is born, get to them first, and they can help. What is meant by help if this woman should find herself with an actual birth? I don't think they mean clean the child up and provide care. They mean murder.

People that own AR-15s are not baby killers. Some criminals use AR-15s. It is not the same.

This video shows the extremely horrific place that as a society we have crossed into and similar to the NAZI experience I doubt our nation makes it out without being destroyed.

50 million abortions since Roe v Wade in the US - that is on the scale of the NAZIs.

I hope you will watch it and listen to your heart.


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