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That's a rich comment with some good stories, and I shall like to reply more, but just for now I wish to say...

"Then about 3 months ago nature finally told me EXACTLY what the optical system is for and it turns out that it has several different highly useful applications."

If you actually have any working prototype of that which produced a world record power density, and can convert its emphasis toward manipulation of magnetic field and thus particle acceleration as you say, fitting it into a relatively small space, then you'll have something quite useful and non-military before ever aiming toward using it to open the black hole proton to form a possible stargate. Such design could advance 3-D printing quite handily, especially applied to sensitive nano-scale manufacturing. Bio-tech has the most money for R&D and will probably take the lead in pioneering the foreseeable future of 3-D printing AND other potential applications for your geometry of amplification/acceleration. Well,..