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They gave this kid 55 years...

Clearly they are doing whatever they can in order to come after the guns, and their owners.

We are talking about federal laws, and federal agencies. Seems there is likely a technicality in a federal law where they can put you away for a long time for possessing (a) firearm(s) while also possessing or being under influence of illicit or Schedule 1 (at least) substance.

If you have not been arrested they may look at trying to arrest you (target you), that is what we are talking about yes? They look to arrest you on charges of smoking weed (illegal under federal law) and possessing a firearm. If they can make the case, they may try to arrest you and confiscate your arms and charge you under federal law. In states where possession of weed is a crime, they can simply try to get you on that, and then tack-on the gun charges, as they believe they know when a suspect may be armed or not.

The issue at hand is that it is a violation of someone's 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Exercising one right, should not become criminal itself for having committed a separate crime.

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