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Yes it could

I have thought very hard about the 3D rapid manufacturing end of this and it could have implications there but I have already invented and patented a 3D microfabrication rapid manufacturing process that is WAY faster than this design could ever be.

I did consider this laser amplification as a more advanced laser illumination solution for my existing process but the best final solution for my existing technology will be a much smaller 'version' and slightly different optical configuration for the laser amplifier.

As far as Biotech I am already deep into this area but biotech is not the best industry to work with for the microfab or the laser amplification/particle acceleration.

There is movement on the microfab front but as far as the more advanced laser amplification systems and particle accelerators my plate is simply too full between my current bio-tech work, microfab, bureaucratic bs, losers dragging me down and a side of activism here at DP. Everything on my plate pretty much has an order to it at this point and it is now just trudge through it all one step at time. It seems that all real money for the really far out stuff is isolated to the military and I have already walked away from them because I found out AFTER the fact that they were developing the cooling technology I worked on to "microwave protestors in the United States with 2MW directed microwave beams mounted on C130s" those were their exact actual words. The military's prime goal was to put an array of directed microwave beam satellites in space that can cover the Earth and enable them to microwave anyone on the planet anywhere outside at anytime.

And if all that wasn't sick enough the University and men in black attacked me and began altering University records, issuing false debts and false tickets owed to the University out of nowhere sending in gangs violent thugs into private parties to beat up dozens of activist leaders, attempting to criminally frame myself and others, publishing private info of activist leaders on the radio resulting biker gangs violently attacking activist leaders and ten thousand times more bs for the activism that I was leading the way on exposing Bush's crimes in Florida, I complained and made a stand with the PIs and deans I was working with that this was "NAZI fascist bs that must end" They told me "We are all NAZIs here" (exact words again) and I left the University forever immediately right then and there.

After all of this bs and 10,000 times more shit they did to me that now I am so jaded by the entire tyrannical nightmare and criminal injury by 'government' at this point that I don't really have much interest in working with other Americans at this point. I might be willing to work with honest, liberty loving Americans but I haven't found any overlap at this point.

I just want to work through the angles I am working now and then either start a revolution that we are actually going WIN and stay in the US or I just want to leave the US go build a super lab somewhere more secure and peaceful and do my own thing and leave this idiocy behind. I am absolutely done and I am totally sick of Americans spinning our wheel on politics or asking criminals for permission to please stop committing criminal injury upon us. I really don't care about helping any companies or anyone else who is going to pay to be slaves to criminals and who we will seemingly never bring to REAL justice. There are no words to describe how absolutely done I am with this nonsense. Honest people competent in law would have had revolution over jay walking tickets being issued by a State operating outside of lawful agency to a liable accuser of the governed. Competent people would have never let it go this far. Of course those of us who knew were just "conspiracy theorists" right?

Now we have a total crime fest, unlawful tender forced on us at the end of the barrel of a gun, breach of duty by every man and woman in 'government', murdering psychopaths claiming to be 'law enforcement' killing innocent people on the street and in their homes, military waging pre-emptive offensive warfare across the globe murdering millions and poisoning foreign lands forever with DU, military openly protecting and facilitating the drug trade, street thugs claiming to be law enforcement extorting, kidnapping and killing innocent people, SWAT teams raiding food suppliers and farmers, drug war being levied on anyone and everyone, all freedom loving people being targeted as terrorists, bankers robbing everyone due to direct violation of tender laws, 'judges' 'prosecutors' and 'attorneys' who know nearly nothing about the law and commit tyranny in the name of "keeping the peace", FBI setting up terrorists rings to artificially create a phantom enemy, a president who openly claims 'legal authority' to kill anyone on his word alone, media that is nothing but a damn psyop to intentionally brainwashing people, fraudulent voting machines installed and run by known and exposed criminals, wide scale spying by criminals who are corporate thieves and control freaks, non-profits being intentionally targeted by the IRS and other federal agencies, AND NOW THEY WANT TO LIMIT/REMOVE ACCESS TO GUNS, ad infinitum of crime.

And where are even the most aware Americans at? 'Let's ask criminals to please stop committing crime'. This is a downright dangerous mixture of toxic waste that could explode at any moment or at minimum will slowly rot into hell on Earth. If the American people understood law we could simply bring the criminals to justice but the good people seem to be totally ignorant of law which is why we have no defense. Ignorance is a battle within ourselves that most seem to not realize and thus most who care spend most of their time looking outward to politics or media to solve our problems when this is never going to work. Americans must becomes masters of law if we are ever gong to turn this around but this is not even on the radar at all and it is the ONLY way to turn this around without making a bigger shit sandwich. Now, Its all about this politician or that one or whatever else. This is total insanity when viewed through the eyes of what REAL justice under the law looks like.

Honestly what human being in their right mind wants to make one dime in this country to be turned over those criminals who are only going to use it to destroy our peace and tranquility? Who wants to work with corporations that are going to be SILENT and pay for and profit from this crime?

For me to stay here after the next 2 years is totally dependent on bringing down the criminals through real proper justice across the board. I AM DONE with the bs thus why I don't really see me working with Americans or American companies on any of this and I don't even consider the government existing anymore so I would never even consider working with criminals claiming to be government or military.

The criminals who have been waging war on everyone must go to prison or given the death penalty by a jury of the people for me to even consider staying here after my current leg of opportunities are exercised. I am talking whole swaths of these criminals going down for good.

Of course my honesty and hardcore awareness on all of this has produced a hard time for me navigating the tech side but I am too aware and clear on where this came from, where this is at and where it is going to keep my mouth shut. My awareness and honesty has also proven to be prophetic to most I work with now and has gained some serious respect in my current relations but it still feels like everyone is lost at sea on the 'what to do' front for the most part.

So if you know any real liberty people that would like to do more technology than we have ever done before let me know. Maybe not feeling like I am in a sea of lost zombies could motivate me to work with people and companies here in America moving forward but I am just not seeing it at this point.

Sorry for the rant but its a really sore point for me because I literally have thousands more inventions that will likely never be realized because of the nightmare of tyranny and losers who won't pull there heads out of their ass and grow some balls so that we can bring proper justice.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...