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Mace has shown nothing to me

Mace has shown nothing to me that's worthy of my support. Cash seems to be listening more, but his past comments scare me, and seems to be the most interventionis candidate. Bill Connor just seems like your typical status quo, say anything to get tea party behind you, not his true convictions. Lee has the proven record, his votes step in line with the libertarian-republican brand of politics, plus the interview I did was the final convincing I needed. Not to mention Mace refused to be vetted by RLC, and they chose Bright who was completely open.

Also the strategy of waiting until the primary to donate is not a good one. There's no guarantee Graham will be in a runoff. Polls may look good now, but Graham has nearly $8 million of cash on hand. He could run for Governor! The challengers will play it like the 2012 Texas Senate race that involved Cruz. The attacks will be focused on Graham. But if we go to a runoff, we need to make sure we get the person we want in the runoff, and not a Richard Cash. While I wouldn't cry over Nace going to a runoff, There's a reason you see most libertarians getting behind Bright.