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First off the principal of

First off the principal of non-aggression would have to be accepted by a majority of the people and they would have to learn to be self reliant again. This is not something that will happen overnight but I think with the help of the internet it could speed up the process.

I would imagine there were lots of BILL3's around during the time when slavery was accepted as normal making the argument, "but who will pick the cotton?" The point isn't the pragmatic application of a given system, it's whether it's moral or not. Does it adhere to the principal of self ownership and non-aggression?

As for #1, you can't uninvent guns or nuclear weapons, they're here to stay. Since we don't really need enough of them to destroy the world a hundred times over (I think we have around 5,500 of them) most of them could be dismantled and maybe a company that's purpose would be to destroy asteroids could use them. Just a thought.

As an aside, I thought of a good use for drones. Since the so called leaders are responsible for wars use a drone to take them out to end the war.