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Anarchy doesn't mean independence.......face palm

Anarchism is not the opposite of cooperation nor is it even the opposite of collectivism.

Anarchism is simple. Doesn't mean don't trade, cooperate or do business with people. Doesn't mean don't be neighbourly. Doesn't mean go live in the woods in seclusion. Doesn't mean throw fire bombs at protests.

Anarchism is simple. You don't need rulers....adhere to the none aggression principals, (for you christians that simply means abiding by the golden rule) and taking those principals of peace and non intervention and applying those to ALL aspects of life. If you are consistent across the board and honest with yourself there is only one conclusion and that is anarchism..... In true anarchy, a free person can choose to be a hermit or they can even choose to live in a resource based community where everyone shares everything (one that doesn't force cooperation etc..).

Anarchy is about being truly free.

Amazing how many statists and their big L siblings that can't seem to get it there are. True Anarchists would only take issue with either "cooperation" or "collectivising" if they were forced upon people, thus failing at the non aggression people.

(L)ibertarians and their beltway subconsciousness they pretend to not have........