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Non Aggression in the Practical Sense Requires MAD

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Non Aggression in the Practical Sense requires a certain level of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) to exist. If there is little Risk in abridging the Rights of others and medium to high Returns, then one can expect a good bit of aggression/abridging.

If the Risk is High and the Returns Marginal, then one can expect less Aggression. The ability to be aggressive, show it, and defend against it is necessary for non aggression to be common.

Predators usually have good eyes and protect them at all costs. If the prey has a chance at damaging the eyes (which are necessary for survival), a predator will hold back. Again, it comes down to MAD.

Sadly this makes me think of the NSA. I think they believe their Eyes and Ears are safe so they feel quite comfortable doing as they please.

I think for America to get past the BS we've been enduring, the people who occupy/control the Gov't must have some fear of MAD.

This does not necessarily mean that we have to fight each other to prove MAD as it could be shown that without the consent of the people, they (people who control/occupy our Gov't) are not safe from the Other Central Planners on the Planet (China, Putin, etc, etc). If we fight each other, we are both more vulnerable to outside attack.