Comment: There are no real answers to your questions.

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There are no real answers to your questions.

Just opinions because the problems/scenarios you mention are real and anarchism is fantasy. Like you said anarchism is a nice sounding ideology but it will not work in the real world. WHY?

Because people have different values and different perceptions of right and wrong. Therefore there will always be strife and there will always be oppression by one group over another.

1. The nuclear arsenal is going nowhere. Under anarchism the nuclear arsenal would go to the richest and most influential people who will then use that power to control people. Hey! That's what we have now.

2. Yes gangs would spring up and they will seek to control the weak and/or secluded since they will not have the power to resist. By the time any group of individual anarchists see what is going on it will be too late to form any real resistance. In the end those gangs will be submissive to those who control the subject of question number one.

3. "Some" anarchists espouse the "non aggression" principle so as long as those gangs are not directly threatening them then they will not initiate aggression. Therefore a "government" will arise around them and eventually subject them. And don't forget that everyone will be subject to those who own the subject of question number one.

If anarchism worked and was so great then we would not be where we are today. This is a FACT that cannot be denied. So we can espouse the virtues of anarchism but implementation is a short lived fantasy at best.