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your first question is one that is pretty hard to answer, but i do think the idea of using them to destroy asteroids or something along that line. the power of the market is almost completely unused in today's world. the bigger problem here is the idea of how to decide who gets to use them for whatever purpose the market bears out. one solution here, although perhaps not a good one, is since if the gov didnt exist, to have bidders post a bond to acquire the nukes, that is only returned once they are properly disposed of in someway that doesnt hurt earth or environments.

The second and third questions are much easier from my point of view. your worried about the essential breakdown of society. first, this is already very much in full swing in portions of large cities here in the ussr, so really what you are asking about is the spread out to where you live. the easy answer is: its gonna happen. the areas that have a high percentage of armed people who will not put up with it or knuckle under to gangs are the ones that will have the least problems. but this is going to happen, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. the analogy that i often use is of the kids that go off to college, finally free of their parents, a lot go completely off the rails for a year or two, some work really hard, and some never get back on the rails. you never know how a sudden burst of freedom is going to affect someone, especially when whole new aspects of how to survive are thrown in. this does not even take into account the security firms that will spring up to protect people and property.

i think the bigger question here is since many here expect the collapse of what we currently have, do you go replace it with something that you can be pretty much assured will follow in this governments footsteps, or do you opt for new and uncomfortable with much higher rewards in the future? that is often the hardest part to bridge.

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