Comment: First of all, your premise is

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First of all, your premise is

First of all, your premise is off. Peaceful anarchy cannot be achieved. However, we don't have peaceful statism now. There's never been a peaceful anything. Humans are naturally tied to violence and conflict, and we always will be until our humanity is forcibly stripped away from us. I don't want to live in a peaceful (boring, robotic) world.

1. You're not actually understanding anarchy here. You're asking about choices that no one would have the ability to make without an extreme level of authority: "would you destroy ours? If not who would be in charge of it?"

You must understand that anarchy will never come politically. The controllers have the technology to prevent it, and the majority (brainwashed masses) will never accept responsibility for themselves unless forced into it. If widespread anarchy comes to humanity, it will be delivered by catastrophic natural disaster (our only hope).

At least for the foreseeable future, no matter what happens, the nukes are here to stay. We just have to accept it. But remember, nuclear weapons are children of the state. The longer the state exists, the more horrors it will birth.

2. And? There are people organized into gangs right now. The biggest gang has at least one gang member "with low morals that will have no problem using violence to steal" in a white and blue car sitting on every highway in this country as I type.

This is one of the biggest myths about anarchy that I encounter. "Oh no, if there is no government or police to protect us, bad people will take over, killing and stealing from innocent people!"

Take a look around you. That is now. Governments and police are the most prolific killers and thieves in the world. In fact, they only serve to shield and protect other killers and thieves by harboring them in the prison industrial complex so that they may be better trained before being unleashed upon us again. Without government, the world would be a very volatile place for anyone looking to hurt others. The general populace would no longer feel safe without the police to "protect" them. With those delusions broken, self defense would become a standard curriculum. These "gang members" you're worried about wouldn't stand a chance when there's a gun on every belt. You see, people who kill, rape, and steal are lazy and weak-minded. It's a symptom of the lifestyle. A good person with a desire to live and protect others is like a superhero in comparison, and that's most of us, believe it or not. Just need to cut the strings of dependency.

3. Many people will always desire protection, and there isn't anything wrong with that. It's part of our blood. We're tribal. It works on the small scale. Everyone knows everyone else, and when a leadership decision is made, it is probably for the best. Then, if your leaders screw up, it's relatively easy to take them out of power (which isn't much to begin with). However, a tribal system doesn't work on a national level, for obvious reasons. One man, or even a group of them, cannot expect to simultaneously work for the interests of hundreds of millions of people with vastly diverging philosophies and goals.

-- The main point I want to make to you is that anarchy isn't pretty. It isn't peaceful. It isn't perfect. It's just as dysfunctional as any state of human existence. This universe is dangerous and temporary. If we don't kill ourselves, the universe WILL do it for us. The question is, how do you want to spend the time you've got here. As a slave or free?