Comment: How do we know that PEACEFUL GANGS would not form?

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How do we know that PEACEFUL GANGS would not form?

So some small gangs of thugs form. The town gets really frustrated with this. They have a town meeting and form a "gang" if you will of their own. Like the "neighborhood watch" program.

They get so sick of these thugs that everyone loves this neighborhood watch idea. And everyone starts talking to their neighbors about it.

Everyone starts asking their neighbor, "Isn't this neighborhood watch thing fantastic? It really increases our chances of being safe from those thugs."

And one of your neighbors says "Nah, I don't like that neighborhood watch thing... Me and my buddies are really into wearing bandannas and tattooing our necks. Please don't bring your neighborhood watch talk around here anymore."

At that point the neighborhood watch group has located the gang and will probably formulate a plan to do something with them. Perhaps it will be violent. Perhaps it will be ostracism. Perhaps the owner of the water company is a member of the neighborhood watch and refuses to serve them water. Perhaps the grocery store owner, utility company...........

Ostracism is not violent. But it is potent and effective.