Comment: Don't play the marriage-failure blame-game with gays.

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Don't play the marriage-failure blame-game with gays.

There is plenty of blame to go around without including gays. Blame the glamorization of heterosexual infidelity on TV with movie stars, politicians, & the rich & famous. Blame both the Church's nullifying decades-old marriages for a price and the government penalizing married couples by the marriage tax for the decline of marriage. Both spouses have to work these days to make ends meet, which again implicates the government in wrecking the family unit. The governments continued involvement in wars that never end cannot be contributing at all to keeping families together. The multi-front war on traditional marriage is seen with these issues, not the perceived assault by gays. The institution of traditional marriage has been taken out of the churches and put into the hands of corrupt government officials. The constant brainwashing of the sheeple by the MSM has had the desired effect as well. The cards have been stacked against marriage for decades. The last one gets the blame, in this case gays, but the reality is that many things are actually responsible for destroying marriage.