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structures that

can rely on more than 1/2" thick concrete reinforced with canvas(?) for their "permanence".

By "basic tools" do you mean a track hoe, grader or at least a tractor to clear and level the ground, which you'll generally need to do regardless of what you build? How about some way to remove a 2000lb sack of concrete and tarp from the back of your pickup and put it where you want?

I don't even know if this thing has a concrete floor in it and, again, I wouldn't call it "permanent" without a proper foundation... and some rebar and at least 2 more inches of concrete all around. Which totally negates the supposed convenience of it all.

I think the best, direct comparison for these would be corrugated, steel culvert pipe that has been used for long-term temporary shelter for decades. IMO it beats this idea in every aspect.