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What im grateful for is that

What im grateful for is that "god fearing" men had nothing to do with the system of law in the nation where I live. If "god fearing" men had, I might get stoned to death for working on Sunday, as god commanded. I might have my baby's head dashed against the stones and my older daughter taken as a slave as your ilk kill my wife and I every time a christian moves into my neighborhood; as the bible commands. Your twisted cult did not create freedom. "The priest has ever been the enemy of liberty" said Thomas Jefferson... the man who actually DID create our system.

Im not a leach who enjoys the "benifits" put in place by "god fearing men" im a lucky individual who, thanks to the political savy of reasoning men, happens to have be born in the tiny fraction of human history when my kind aren't being burned and tortured by "god fearing men."

Hitler, Stalin and Mao didn't create "atheist" governments, they created governments based on communist and facist DOGMA which is identical to religious dogma in every way. Both are systems where people are commanded to believe in entities which have super powers, promise impossible things, and use fear and execution to keep their peasants in line. The application of reason and criticle thinking, such as athiests like to use, dispells both quite easily.

As for the christian people being slaughtered in the middle east, they are being slaughtered by other religious lunitics. What's new? Is there some reason that the cult of psycopaths who used to burn women at the stake for the crime of thinking or being attractive when they actually "had" political power should be suprised to find another group of religious lunitics visiting horrors on others today when "they" hold political power? That's what religious people in positions of power do. Murder, rape and torture.

I know what would happen to me if this was a theocracy, so don't cry about how oppressed christians are in the world. It was your christian pals running the Neocon evangelical republican party that gave a green light for our fascist government to invade the middle east which resulted in radicalizing the muslims to start butchering native christians. Do you think the muslims over there don't see that all the US and colition soldiers who are kiling their families are wearing crosses? For many Americans, including most of the neo-tea party, our foreign policy is a holy war for Isreal. So don't call me swine for the horrors in the world that YOUR dumbass religion has caused and perpetuated.

We wouldn't even have collectivist tyranny on earth if stupid, brainwashed people didn't indoctrinate their children to subjegate themselves before mythical arbitrary authority figures who make impossible promises, horrible threats, all without requiring one ounce of actual proof. YOU and every other enemy of criticle thinking who brainwashes cosmic monarchy into impressionable young minds are responsable for all of this shit, including your dead christian pals in the middle east. Your faith and those like it are what plants the seeds of insanity that lets collectivism take root.