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Anarchy = without hierarchy

That's all it means...

Kind of the point to not have a stricter definition.

Anarchy does NOT necessarily mean chaos. You can have quite peaceful anarchy. In fact, all modern political systems are ideally designed to bring humanity to a state of peaceful anarchy.

However, these system are usually corrupted well before that ever has a chance to happen, and often the ideal is flawed because human nature is not compatible with the 'process' (communism, for example).

As Al Pacino said in the 'Devil's Advocate', and as I'm sure the communist ideologues must loathe....

"Free Will... It IS a bitch."

The other theory of where these political ideologies will and/or should take us, is to that of the ant colony, or the Bee Hive as the Masonic Mormons put it, where there is absolute collectivism under the control of a 'Queen Bee', or 'Dear Leader', like North Korea.

I don't want to be an ant or a bee with no free will of my own.

America had the best set-up for as-close-peaceful-anarchy as possible. Not anymore unfortunately, but the concept is still sound.
Maximum freedom for each individual. That is the fastest way to everyone just getting along.

Forcing people to just get along, as in socialism/communism can work, though it does not create happiness or a sense of fulfillness, which causes the 'process' to fail, and start anew. And it has been long since discovered (i.e.- Monarchal systems) that forced 'collectivism' does not create peaceful anarchy but rather a Dictatorship, or Monarchy.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?