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Being proud of one's race

does not make one racist. Why does the left beat a dead horse? From what some democrat leaning friends say, "you can't tell me there aren't some racist Republicans out there". To that I say, "there are racists among all races." The democrats use politics and emotion like any other political group.

It is obvious you are being facetious, but it reminds me of when I was in elementary school. I remember hearing my God mother, Mama Wanda, telling my dad, "you are the only white man I like," obviously forgetting that us kids were 3/4s white. Being of Scotish, German, Mexican, and maybe Irish decent(Grandma's mother was adopted), it was easy for me to see how we were all connected. It was always the adults who confused things.

From the time I was 5, I thought of any of my friends as brothers. My best friend was black and color to us was no different from saying you had red hair and I have brown hair. As I entered middle school it became apparent that race was beginning to become a dividing line. Even kids eventually divide themselves by race, but I can only blame the parents for the perpetuation of this ignorant cycle.

I suppose my point is there is racism out there, but it will have to be distinguished by the people who know better. The idea that human color makes someone different will soon go the way of the belief that slavery was part of the human condition.

-Matthew Good