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Comment: Yes, Homos ruin marriages

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Yes, Homos ruin marriages

homo sapiens :)

What married couple has ever claimed in divorce court the reason for dissolution was homosexuals?
I've heard of irreconcilable differences...but homosexuals?

Judge: "Please explain the reason for the divorce"
Me: "Homosexuals your honor."

I may be alone in this but I don't have the urge to divorce my wife because people of the same sex have sex,or are on TV, or are living together or that the state in sanctioning their unions. In fact, nothing that doesn't involve my family makes me want to divorce my wife.

Also, I don't like these people being grouped as homosexuals. They are individuals who have homosexual sex, when they have sex, which isn't all the time. An individual isn't carpenter when he's mopping floors. No matter how good he is at framing houses.

We are all utterly unique individuals and We must protect each other from large forces that wish to malign us. Don't let them slice and dice us into a thousand different warring factions...Divide and conquer.