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grain of salt (with corn flakes)

After poking around into the larger body of work by James McWilliams [Slate article's author], it's clear that he's an extreme anti-meat vegetarian. As such, he is 100% anti-grazing. He subtly misrepresents the authors of the "Charter Grazing Trials" paper as he tries to align their conclusions with his own views. The paper's authors simply conclude that the [45 year old!] trails showed no evidence of Savory's [initial!] methods being more beneficial than other grazing methods. Throughout the study the authors hold the view that grazing is beneficial. That view is unchanged in their conclusion. Here's an interesting quote from the paper that McWilliams was unlikely to include in his article...

"The control pastures were burned while the short-duration pastures were not. It seems to us that more grazing would have been the best way to reduce the excessive vegetation accumulation on the control pastures."

Those authors would likely roll their eyes at the last sentence in the article by McWilliams...

"In the meantime, the evidence continues to suggest what we have long known: There’s no such thing as a beef-eating environmentalist."

and the text following that concluding sentence...

"Slate’s coverage of food systems is made possible in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation." ;D