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Thanks for the comment...

I am grateful for your comment because your point is important.

You are quite right that there is no need to capitalize liberty there... but I think it should be obvious that by doing so, I am making an assertion about the Liberty movement, as being now a unique "entity", albeit ill-defined and amorphous.

Given what you wrote (and I agree entirely with the thrust that language is important, especially for those who would wield it for important ends), I suspect you could have seen that I was implying the above.

The use of a proper noun does not necessarily imply any official recognition: it does necessarily imply uniqueness.

You can argue with my obvious belief about the usefulness or even reasonableness of asserting the existence of such an entity as *the* Liberty movement ... and indeed you can argue with me about why I therefore did not also capitalize "movement". But you chose to interpret my choice as ignorance of language (not knowing the difference between a common noun and a proper noun (do you really think so?!)), rather than an attempt to convey something.

I hope that if you read this post in the context of all of my writing, you'd choose differently.

I made a difference as a writer by putting a name to something, and in so doing, I helped enlarge it and "sell" it. Broadly, I would like to help to do the same for the liberty movement. There's a lot to this - probably worthy of another article - but I hope you see what I am driving at.

Thanks again