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Yes, but you're failing to

Yes, but you're failing to recognize the importance of what happens next, i.e., the two highest vote getters will be the ones in the runoff. One will obviously be Graham, and the other one will be a challenger. And so your comments which are trying to discourage people from rallying behind a Graham challenger because you don't think that's what is most important, is horrible advice.

We need the best candidate in the runoff against Graham. What would be the point of voting Graham out if the runoff challenger is just as much as an interventionist?

If Richard Cash (maybe Cash has changed, but I could not endorse him with my liberty vote) or Bill Connor make it to the runoff, I honestly don't think I could vote for them and would abstain. And then I see Lee Bright as the best candidate by far. So your reasoning that people shouldn't try to rally behind a particular candidate and get them to the runoff, is terrible logic and terrible advice.