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Wrong impression? Perhaps it

Wrong impression? Perhaps it was your first sentence, "It would be better to think... about how to reclaim the desert." The OP and the Savory link are also about reclaiming the desert. In essence they all represent similar ways of thinking, different ways of doing, different dishes contributing to the same pot luck meal. Not that it matters, but your dish was the first on my plate. Yours was the first link I clicked and watched on this entire page, an excellent contribution I must say, hearty and delicious! :d The "better to think" heading atop your comment shown like a sign shamelessly posting, "Topped with unpasteurized cheese! - better to try me! - yum yum!" It was yummy, but I'm happy to have not overindulged and to have saved room for the wild rice hot dish and potato salad. :D You and I apparently have similar tastes, but some others prefer and will first make a bee line for the potato salad, others will initially reach to work on hot dish. The diverse approach conveniently spreads us around the table and further promotes continued collaboration. "Hey, have you tried the green bean casserole yet? How is it? Does it have mushrooms? Yes, I mean fungus, but it's really good!."