Comment: 1) it sounds at times like I

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1) it sounds at times like I

1) it sounds at times like I have a specific problem with christianity, but that's not true. I have a problem with "religon" in general. To that point, I should point out that to me, "Statism" is simply another form of religion where, instead of god being the focus of worship, dogmatic political philosophy is the idol of worship. So those statist zealots passing laws to restrict my freedom are no differant to me than the evangelicals doing it. There are no "athiests" restricting my freedom, save for some of the political elite who may or may not be athiest, but are certainly criminals. Certainly no libertarian athiests.

2) Same as above, though I should add, it is the mindset that accepts arbitrary authority on faith without demanding reason and logic that allows these people to have positions of power. A child's mind, conditioned to worship a god they will never meet, who holds absolute power over his life and death and who maintains a 100% universal police state is already prepared and made ready to accept a simliar earthly dictator as "normal." The faith based mind is most dangerous thing to liberty. It is the soil in which collectivist dictatorships can take root. While less and less people are christian every year (as the cartoonish and ridiculous myths in the bible are exposed via the internet), the number of "faithful" hasn't decreased at all. Differance is that many are replacing "god" with "government." The states is probably more dangerous. The thiest is the enabler, but at least they "often" let their god do the torturing "after" we die. The Statist enables their government to do it while we live.

3) People can believe as they like, and I have no right to stop it, however I firmly believe it does infringe upon my liberty, even if indirectly for all the reasons I listed above. Its a sickness in the species that only reason can cure. Im not going to hold my breath.

4) Nice Christians are trying to "save" me from nothing. Most Christians delight in the delusion that im going to burn forever for daring to mock their mytholoy. I don't apperciate either. Its not the individuals themselves, but the primitive superstision that turns otherwise reasonable people into lunitics that makes me mad. I hate that 80%+ of Americans are okay with the fact that their cosmic overlord is going to eternally torture almost everyone on earth,including their loved one... and they are okay with this. It makes me sad and afraid to know there are that many weak-minded cowards who won't stand up against obvious and monsterous evil, not even in thought. Is it any wonder our government is getting away with murder and torture when the overwhelming majority of our people are already conditioned from birth to accept this evil? How easily we could become North Korea with a people like that.

5) The stage is being set through this mindset for horrific violence. Humanity hasn't changed and we all know what the world looks like wherever thiests have complete political power, including christians. It can only be combated with reason however, which is why I choose to speak out.

6) I am not forced "now" in this tiny sliver of human history. The truth is, we are always one "upheavel" away from that ending however. I never take for granted that this illusion of civility we have today is going to last, and I know that in local potlics, even among libertarians, I am vastly outnumbered by the "faithful." I have no doubt that the next "revolution" could end in a theocracy.

Also, spiritual mindsets directly impact and shape temporal actions. To divorce the two is to divorce cause and effect. What you "believe" is "right" will influence what you want to see more of on earth. For the politically active, this "will" impact my life. Seeing as what most Americans view as the perfect utopia is a cosmic monarchy ruled by an all powerful king who grants no rights and keep a 100% surveilance state, and who arbitrarily rewards and destroys on a whim... I don't have high hopes for freedom in a nation where the vast majority of politically active people are either christian, or statist.