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not funny in the laughable

not funny in the laughable way it's PATHETIC . You and those like you are pathetic. You, who volunteer or support those who volunteer for the military because you're too self centered and lazy to do menial work, honest work to start so you support the murder of mostly poor people in poor countries then expect positive accolades for this evil behavior and now you don't like what your government is doing so you'll post how "upset" you are on message boards and now show a banner on a website that nobody cares about anyway.

That is pathetic not funny haha funny.

Why don't you consider doing something productive. Go and make amends, in person to some of the MILLIONS of families who have had family members murdered by the glorious military. There's lots of places to start. Ever see babies born with no eyes? No fingernails, big heads with severely retarded brains in them because of all the chemicals your glorious military dropped on them? Oh I'm sorry those men who did those things were "defending" the good ol usofa. I don't know from what, maybe the amphibious cyclos from Saigon crossing the pacific ocean or how about the millions that if you are under 40 you all volunteered to hurt, main, kill, torture, humiliate, rape in the middle east? Yup, show what you're really made of. Get on an airplane and visit with the little babies who are growing up without parents because of the glorious heroes who have volunteered to devastate their lives. Make sure you "vote" yet again for the lesser of 2 evils and repeat the same immoral acts around the world again and again and teach your children to honor those who commit those acts.

Or how about just learn to take care of yourselves, so when you get old you don't have to lean on those of us who have done so, for your monthly check via the government, on the backs of working people around the world.

But instead, Rise Up, All of you show what you're REALLY all about. Put a banner on your website instead.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution