Comment: News Article on Liberty Candidate.

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News Article on Liberty Candidate.

Here are a few paragraphs from his campaign. Check out the 2nd one regarding immigration. Firm on secure border and has a path to citizenship. The full article is a great read with aggressive liberty ideas from a candidate that is brave and able. He is not accepting donations unless he gets on the Republican Primary Ballot so if you live in CD3 please reach out to the local R's and run as a delegate.

“The unlawful and criminal federal government (is) cutting our veterans’ pay while at the same time sending hundreds of billions of dollars abroad to regimes that are dictatorial. We are supporting these regimes in Saudia Arabia and Bahrain and many, many others that crush dissent,” Cox said. “The people who were responsible for protecting our nation, we’re taking away from them. It’s nothing short of a criminal act.”

“Our immigration policy is not a policy at all. Why are our borders wide open? We must provide a path to citizenship to people who are already here who are willing to learn our language, learn our law and become Americans. To sit here and pretend that all these people who are here, we are going to deport them, is flatly ludicrous,” Cox asked.

“The other thing that must be addressed is that when we go abroad and we drone bomb haphazardly looking for one militant out of 50 and we kill 100 people to get one, this is wrong. This is how you create enemies. This is how you create enormous future problems for this country. These people have a deep-seated resentment, an anger that is justifiable.”