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You pulled my quote out of context:

"This is not going to be a shooting war but a battle of ideologies and we have made great strides. Most every day Americans don't trust the gov. anymore from all the NSA and Snowden fallout. The gov. on the other hand must at all times look like the good protective democracy and they wont risk that façade by doing something rash knowing a good chunk of the Military may go AWOL against them. They even failed miserably at gun control and the Global Warming Agenda continues to stall."

Much has changed since WACO and Ruby Ridge, the spread of info by means of the internet and its effect on the national psyche being one of them. Waco was possible because the people sitting at home were led to believe a dangerous religious cult was threatening children and a benevolent force of government was protecting them. We did not have the tools to wage an ideological war that we have now.

Let look at Sandy Hook. Even common people who have never before questioned the official story were calling BS on it and the subsequent agenda push failed miserably. 911 is still in the spotlight and as the public become more suspicious of the government, all it takes is one google or youtube search to result in a total paradigm shift.

The government knows in a purely tactical sense they could wipe out any militia group with their AR-15's so why are they so hell bent on taking them away? Its because without a means to fight back, the gov can quietly slip us into tyranny while maintaining that we are a happy democracy. But with guns they cannot do that without things getting very messy and the ideological shift will turn against them.

The most profound ideological victory so far has been Cannabis. WA and CO have open pot shops and are local cops busting anyone on federal charges? No. In fact, Obama now looks like a confused idiot on the subject and the DEA wont risk going in without looking like complete tyrants and destroying any shred of credibility they still have. No stoners needed to fire guns or incite violence. Voters just found a way to check-mate the system in two states and now the dam is breaking across the country.

This same strategy must be applied to other facets of Liberty as well. Sitting around collecting ammo and thinking about that last Alamo stand is not going to do anything productive for us.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.