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I get it that you're not trying to start or imply anything

I get it that you would never read or buy such garbage. I get it that you're not endorsing this book. I don't doubt your sincerity. And it is awesome that people got on the comments and slammed it.

I get it. But still - what is the purpose?

When there are so many positive things that can be done to better yourself, to better others, to push the movement forward, why post this?

You have introduced an image into people's minds that cannot be erased - the image of Ron Paul standing in front of a swastika. You have called attention to it to the 100,000 people who will visit this site today, and the 100,000 more that will visit it every day as long as that cover stays on the bookshelf ---->

Not everyone who comes by is a Ron Paul supporter. You might even encourage non-supporters to buy it, and to spread whatever is in it. The law of unintended consequences is a law.

Did you read the thread?

Just think about what you post here, that is all I'm saying.

Do you think Ron Paul would like to call attention to this book?

He's the man.