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Preventing implantation is

Preventing implantation is fine, it is killing it afterwards that is the abortion.

There is a wide range of opinions on the abortion subject. Some people would be OK with abortion up to a certain time, and then after that they think it is wrong. 90 days OK, 91 days bad, for example. It comes down to what the individual rationalizes as acceptable. Should it be that way?

I do lean towards abortion in cases of rape. My wife surprised me a few weeks ago when we were talking about it, and she said if she was raped she would still not abort the baby. She is a Roman Catholic, that doesn't go to church.

While I personally think it is disgusting, but justifiable for rape, rape only accounts for about 1% of abortions. Pulling little baby arms and legs out in pieces is something my empathy tells me is killing another human. Sometimes homicide is justifiable, but abortion is not an act of self defense. Abortion is a countermeasure to an undesirable situation a person brings upon themselves, through their own poor choices.