Comment: There is no "Tea Party"

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There is no "Tea Party"

The so called "Tea Party" was co-opted and financially bankrolled a long time ago by the Koch brothers, The GOP, and Dick Armey's FreedomWorks group.

So you have these mainstream, status-quo GOP Establishment figures who claim to speak for the so-called Tea Party, and have fabricated faux "Tea Party" demonstrations, which are really funded by the same right-wing, Pro-War, pro-Police-State, Pro-Wall-Street, Corporate Monopoly interests (that also fund the GOP itself, and reich-wing Radio).

In short, there is no Tea Party.

So Libertarians would be wise to totally divorce themselves from even using the name anymore, as this is just a well-funded rebranding of an idea that had once come from Ron Paul's 2007-8 campaign.

I know Rand Paul still likes to use this word, but he voted for Mitt Romney.

Any new movement needs to call itself by something clear, that can not be just used as a new smokescreen for the status quo.

We need a No-War, No Police-State, No Wall Street control, No Drug War Party ... whose meaning can not ever be misconstrued.