Comment: I butted heads with this judge

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I butted heads with this judge

as well as his co defendant Conahan. At the time I had a hot dog cart at the Luzerne County Courthouse and it scared the dickens out of the establishment that some one was making a living there who wasn't one of their political slaves and who might by privy to the goings on. The media was all over their attempts to toss me and eventually they relented, or so I thought. They had embarrassed their selves with their pettiness and that would not go unanswered.
One evening a few juvenile delinquents were acting up outside of my home and actually attacked me. When the police arrived, including 4 neighboring municipalities officers, I was attacked, seriously injured and arrested. The case was dismissed when it was revealed that the cop's were uncertified and thus unable to effect a lawful arrest. Not to be dissuaded, the D.A. who over saw the mass incarceration of all the kids, appealed the dismissal and our esteemed Superior Court re instituted the charges against me. Two days before trial my attorney informed me that he was off the case and I was on my own. At trial a jury was seated and over the prosecutors vehement objections I got the cop to state on the stand that he was not a legal police officer at the time of my arrest. My motion to dismiss was summarily dismissed and the "jury" found me guilty of resisting arrest. Luzerne County justice is the best you can buy.
My only solace in the whole affair was that I'm certain it cost someone a lot of bucks to engineer this. The D.A. who prosecuted me and over saw the mass incarceration of the kids was shortly there after elected to a judgeship but all was not well. His father, a prominent lawyer in the area who bankrolled his election is now locked up for embezzling millions of clients monies. He's falling back on the old tried and true defense of being senile and unable to understand the charges.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.