Comment: Also No Debt Default

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Also No Debt Default

not being able to take on more debt is not synonymous with "not paying our debts" .... yet.

What a load of trash that too many people swallow.

We would be forced to cut spending and constitutionally be required to pay our debts. But even if you want to swallow that trash in the article exactly who holds this debt?
And the more debt that is held by the Federal Reserve the better chance we have of telling them to just take their private corporation bankrupt! (Maybe we should become big supporters of 100% QE and then launch a "Bankrupt the FED" campaign.)

What sovereign nations would we be "not" paying back now that China has written off our debt as a bad investment? ...Japan? Hardly a problem for them as they have been printing themselves through stagflation for two decades. But why not pay them and not any "private companies"... like the FED.