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No need to convince me, I am

No need to convince me, I am an objectivist capitalist in favor of a stateless, free-market society. In my opinion, there really is no such thing as an individualist government because to even exist, a government must violate our right to property via taxation. So even if you had a tiny republic of angels, they'd still be 100% trampling your natural rights by their very existance.

However I should point out im not talking about "collective groups" when I say Collectivism. A lot of people seem to not realize that "collectivism" and "individualism" refer to forms of government; each defined by where rights originate. It is not the distinction between one person or a group of people/animals/anything. Collectivism does not mean you are categorizing people/objects by common traits; Collectivism means a political system where rights originate from the state which considers the rights of the many to outweigh the rights of the individual (in reality, the rights of the slave are sacrificed for the greed of the rulers). In essence, collectivism is the slave/master society, and there can never be freedom in collectivism.

You could get "near" with a tiny republic which is chained by a vigilant populace, however history prooves that such vigilance is fleeting, and sooner or later, that monster will be let off the leash. Further, the freer a society is, the more wealth it produces. The more wealth it produces, the more dangerous and powerful its unleashed government will be. Therefore, the most dangerous form of government possible was the one our founders created. It created such amazing wealth and technology that when people went to sleep at the wheel, we opened up the possiblity for a truly horrific Orwelleon nightmare. A total suveilance state with which can never be voted out, and literally has the power to hide in bunkers and wipe all life off the surface of the planet if it feels threatened. Government truly is the bane of free humanity, the great enemy of our species, and we will never enter a golden age of freedom and explore the stars until we are free of collectivism and the horrors of this monster known as government.