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Nancies! ;D ...whatever

Sure, the author of this little blurb showing the letter that was circulated [and was clearly written to be circulated] to solicit support and point people to her website to donate funds, came up shy of calling it an endorsement too. So did Benton and all the other uptight, nitpicky electioneering technologists. And yes, it's quite likely that RP conceded to a Benton request that Ron not specifically use the word "endorse" in the letter. Is it a letter of support? The word "support" also does not appear in the letter. Does that mean it is not a letter of support? Ron Paul is too old fashioned. It was an endorsement period, no matter what Benton said. Ron wrote no such letter for any other candidate. I endorsed RP in 1988, 2008, and 2012, despite never having used that word myself in those years. RP endorsed Medina more clearly than I did RP, as he attached his name, and that even "technically" made it an endorsement. Reminds me of the gal I've been tight with for the last three years. I don't think I ever used the word "girlfriend" in reference to her until about a year ago. I hadn't even noticed. She noticed!!! :D Nevertheless, there's not a person I know that didn't consider her my girlfriend two years ago.