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Quiet rebuttal

I feel like the point should be made that a little over 10 years ago, doing these calculations would result in the conclusion that gold and silver were an absolute terrible investment.

"A terrible investment"? Hmm...

Let's see over the last 45 years (back to before the Nixon shock)...

Your statement - between 1999's Central Bank Agreement and 2002?

Well, yes, absolutely. I have to agree - I'm not blind, either.

But hey, pssssst... did you notice during that 3 year period, though? Coincidence, coincidence... The infamous phrase "Central Bank" is thrown in there, that also coincides with a 2000 dot com bubble (which today would arguably look like a joke - without any QE infinity around).

Coincidence, uh?! Or what?


Your statement - anywhere else prior to 1999 or after 2002? Er... sorry, but this time, LOL! NOT EVEN CLOSE! - and most of the time, without EVEN needing to index it on fiat money inflation.

Instead: a pretty good investment, actually; unless one likes to play poker so much they'd speculate up or down every six months... which, when owning gold, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

As for...

There is little link between the price of gold, the price of silver, the money supply, and inflation.

Well, in periods of hyperinflation and/or major crises (e.g., global economic crises, or world wars) - it is pretty conclusive - if we care about fact checking - that gold goes way beyond past the moon every time.

So much so that governments feel sorry every time to explain their people they're forced to either ban it as legal tender, or confiscate it, or downright reset their paper currencies altogether, trying to have the economy ignore gold as much as plausible (*) - and by that I do mean to say more crudely "who actually owns it"...

... until gold eventually catches up quietly, surreptitiously with their inflationary policies, and more in performance.

(* nope, it's no typo)

"Gold isn't money" Mr. Bernanke (and his likes) have proudly lectured us for a while now...

Out of curiosity:

would you bet any of your four limbs those people own absolutely zero ounces of gold anywhere?

I wouldn't. Quite the opposite.

And I don't speak with any envy, there (you know, I'm not a leech, I don't need to steal from others, to make money, thanks! ;) -


granted, I DO SPEAK being FREAKING SICK AND TIRED they think we're THAT stupid, and they are still getting away with it, in their world wide global SCAM.

Seriously, do you like when people make fun of you through your own wallet FOR FREAKING DECADES?

I DON'T, here!


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