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Some great love stories

Great love stories...

Betty Blue (French)
Betty Blue - Piano Theme

Full Soundtrack

Love Story
Andy Williams - Love Story (Spoiler alert!)

Run, Lola, Run (German)

I Wish (spoiler alert)

Nobody Loves Me (German)
"Trailer" (close your eyes to hear just the song)

Film here -

Romeo & Juliet - Franco Zefferelli (i.e., the only) version :)
A Time For Us

Amelie (French)
La Valse d'Amélie Theme song - Check out these kids!

Dr Zhivago

Ice skating to Lara's Theme

Friends (Elton John/Bernie Taupin soundtrack)

Michelle's Song

A couple romantic comedies
Delirious (Great theme song by Prince) w/John Candy

IQ ~ w/Meg Ryan (plays Einstein's neice), Tim Robbins, Walter Matthau

French Kiss ~ w/Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline
La Mer - Kevin Kline

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