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I didn't place you in the

I didn't place you in the company of "turn-the-other-cheek" christians like Dr Paul because the subject line of your thread opens up with you calling me a punk, fits in "leach" in the middle and ends with calling me swine. That doesn't seem particularly Paulish to me. Frankly the immediate hostility without addressing anything I said strikes me more as the sort of christian that, given political power, would have slapped me in thumbscrews and twisted a heresy confession out of me in darker days for daring to question your insipid religion.

The things I listed are not what men did in defiance to your religion to give it a bad name; they are the things your religion specifically commands them to do, and if you aren't doing them, you are not a christian. In fact, those two heinous examples are directly out of the 10 commandments. You know, the WORD OF GOD which HE ETCHED INTO STONE?

Also your religion "is" defined by the actions of men, because men wrote it, and men have carried out its brutality for a thousand years. Further it is judged by the actions of men, because no one actually reads the bible. 99% of christians are utterly illiterate of their own mythology, and know only what their pastors and popular fiction tell them about it. Really the only thing that the majority of christians truly master is blind obediance to arbitrary authority based on faith without need for reason or logic to arbitrate their beliefs. But then, that's rather the point isn't it? That's why christianity is one of the best forms of peasant control ever devised by wicked men.

For example, you don't know your own 10 commandments. You falsely believe they are what you've heard your pastor and Hollywood films describe. The actual biblical 10 commandments have nothing to do with what you think you know and you'd probably be shocked to hear them. Of course you'd block it out immediately and compartmentalize the information away in the same manner you brush aside facts and logic that challenge your "faith." So since the infinitesimally tiny fraction of christians who actually read the bible either become atheist, or complete apologist zealots with no more ability to grasp reason, what exactly "are" we to judge it on if not what men say and do since its all most people know?

In fact, its probably lucky that you can define it by actions, because the christians of today who don't actually practice the christian religion are vastly more gentle than they would be if they actually did follow their primitive war god's commands. Modern christians are actually "helping" your mythology. If left to its own merits rather than the lies of priests, the bible would be known as a savage and brutal book which showcases a cosmic blood-thirsty monarch who engages in universal surveillance, grants no rights to his peons, considers women to be livestock who shouldn't speak, and liberally engages in genocide, murder and torture.

The new testament is no better. The main theme of the book is that we are guilty of crimes someone else committed, and we can only be redeemed because of a human sacrifice which is supposed to plague us with guilt. Not only did I not ask to have someone die in my place for some strange crime I didn't commit but am somehow responsible for, but I'm left asking, what kind of coward could accept this? I don't need a scape goat to suffer in my place, unasked. It also begs the question, what kind of lesson is it for our children that we can flush personal responsibility down the toilet and be forgiven for our crimes because there was a human sacrifice to pay for what we did in our place. In what way does the horrific mutilation, torture and execution of an innocent man absolve a criminal of his crimes? The entire story is immoral beyond comprehension. God builds us flawed, plants an apple he knows Adam and Eve will eat before he places it there, then damns the entire human race forever until the debt is paid for by the horrific torture and death of his own child. WTF!?

Christians with political power are ruthless monsters. Perhaps not all of them, but in a system built on tyranny, murderer trumps the pick-pocket, so we know who will take power. An example im fond of is the story of Hypathia who was a female roman philosopher, atheist and astrologer. Christians, having recently taken political power in Alexandria, followed the bible word for word and executed her by tearing the skin off her body while she was alive with shards of clay pots. Why? Because she was a female teacher who spoke and thought. These things are forbidden to women in the bible and punishable by gruesome, torturous death. How about we start enforcing the bible today! There are lots of female teachers in America, and think of the boost we'd give to the pottery industry!

Jesus promoted that slaves should be subordinate to their masters and introduced the most immoral and brutal concept in the bible: Hell. At least the old testament monster only killed you and you escaped him in death. Jesus burns you until the end of time. Jesus was also a socialist that preached all men should sell their worldly possession and pool the wealth together for each other to share. Hey on that note, you're right, we do live under christian philosophy... now.

So I think its really better for you and the rest of the "god-fearing-men" out there if we "do" judge your religion on the actions of men rather than the religion itself. Men like Dr. Paul might actually redeem it a little by taking the good parts (what few there are) and leaving out volumes of evil.

Science on the other hand actually "can" be judged on its own merits, and not the actions of men. And that's good because it is currently being turned into a joke that is nearly indecipherable from religion. Weather its climate change or cosmology, science has become mythology based on mathematical nonsense, computer models based on false parameters that have nothing to do with observable facts, and politics; girded with hard-headed dogma that blocks out any challenges to "established theory" in order to protect the livelihoods and degrees of a modern "flat-earth" crowd who refuse to hear any challenge to out-dated and debunked myths. They block actual science in order to protect their careers, text-books and TV documentaries, or else push political agendas.

What happened to me growing up was that in church camp, I saw people going bat-shit crazy, speaking in tongue like a horde of mental patients because of a fog that drifted into our camp which the pastors were proclaiming a miracle of God. Being ever a skeptic, I went around behind the cabins and found the fog machine. The pastor caught me, guilted me into silence as children needed "help" developing strong faith to protect them against evil. Who was I to turn them away from God? As a child I brushed it under the carpet of my compartmentalized "faith-based" mind because I still believed the lie that faith was good. That christianity was good, and I was too afraid to question god's plan.

I didn't bother at the time to ask why, if God was granting all these kids the ability to speak in the language of heaven (besides me who had to fake it to get the mob off me), he couldn't have produced some actual miraculous fog. It didn't cross my mind why God was perfectly okay with letting these @#$%ing fraud pastors trick children, and went ahead with his magic language spell anyway, despite that it was inspired by dishonest hucksters. God works in mysterious and dishonest ways? Either that or the "miracle" of tongues (when its not faked) is nothing more than a mass hysteria inducing placebo brought about by desperation and group reinforcement and delusion. That's where my money's at.

However that revelation stuck like a splinter in my mind and actually proved to be one of the things that, in combination with reading the bible and being shocked at the brutality, immorality and evil, proved instrumental in finally forcing a collision between my reasoning, skeptical mind, and my faith-drenched religions mind. In such a collision, only one side of the compartmentalized brain can survive, and lucky for me, reason turned out to be the stronger.

I remember the exact moment of my epiphany, at 19 years old, I was sitting at a restaurant trying to rationalize the horrible crap I just read in the bible earlier. A passage about god commanding his Israelites to invade the locals, then dash their baby's heads against the stones while their parents watched before stoning them to death, and then describing the ways one should treat the daughters they take as sex slaves from the massacre. Page after page of brutal horrible shit. My mind ran through excuse after excuse as I tried to rationalize it, and I could feel myself wanting to internally avoid the topic, but I KNEW what I was reading was wrong. Next came a strangely brief internal struggle against a lump of fear in my throat where I forced myself to actually consider these things in a way I never had before. Suddenly, it hit me like a truck, and I actually said out-loud, drawing stares from those around me: "It's all bullshit." I was instantly free of my enslavement.

So please, don't apologize, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I apologize it didn't happen to you too. Perhaps some day you'll find the mental fortitude to question your faith and see reason triumph over insanity.