Comment: the sad thing is, most

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the sad thing is, most

the sad thing is, most people wont see the courage on display, or the rare initiative in putting this video together, then, on top of that, in a clear and smart way

We might not all be lucky to have this courage for now, but when one pushes through the barriere we've been conditioned not to push through, i WILL stand up, and take is the minum amount of appreciation i can do, to see this person do something we all should be doing, and not be seen as a bad thing.

I love the fact the officer was telling the un-arrested not to tell him what to do or what to say......very fucking ironic that he thinks its then ok for HIM to do it, just because he falsely believes his costume gives him that right to do so, at all times

its starting to narrow down i think, the more we see, the more we learn the nature, the more we understand, the more we are prepared, the less the nervousness affects us, that barrier they so much rely upon diminishes, INSPITE of their continous efforts to reinforce that barrier divide

You are just people like us, you have no special privilages, if you think thats bull, then it also means you think your better then people........there is nothing better or worse then people, it is the natural state of free men and women, you deny this, then it may be likely you want more, which means not surpringly, at the expense of others, you want to boss people about, that means an individual, gets bossed about, you kill somebody, it means an individual has lost his right to are not getting resistance just because, you are getting ressistance for doing things you shouldnt be doing......and if you guys were'nt lieing through your teeths about "listening" to the people then something like this may not happen