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What I am saying is why is

What I am saying is why is the increase so sudden if the decline took place over years. Read and think...

The rule the EPA proposed about the increased ethanol in fuel is just a proposition. It has not been enacted yet.

In regards to "locking energy companies out of places"...firstly, many of the energy depositories in the US are controlled at the state level. Secondly, oil production, energy production, gas production is up, up, up since Obama took office, and up up up since 2013 AFAIK.

The regulations on CO2..which NEW ones are you talking about.

BTW, think about this. Energy costs were super high in November and December as well. Yet any new regulations would only have taken affect in January.

I am sure Obama has some small part in increasing energy prices. But the government's ability to manipulate energy prices is VASTLY overstated (especially the federal government).

I love how you just make the assumption that OBama has to be behind it. No, you don't bother waiting for the facts.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: