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Unatural foods like GMO corn and soy beans

of today are the nastiest foods on earth. It is bad for your health, environment and economy.

The reason it is bad for your health is that it is loaded with pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, formaldehyde, and lots of viruses to boot. On top of all that it has no nutritional value.

For the environment when gmo crops get ploughed back into the soil it can cause real problems. The pesticide present in the crop has a half life of three years, and bees often get moisture from the soil. Then there is Roundup which causes a chemical reaction in the corn as it grows, which produces formaldehyde. They don't know what effects it has in the soil, so an estimate is any where from 1 to 20 year half life. Then on top of all the toxicity the farmer has to over fertilize the land to get a good crop. Everyone knows that nitrogen if not used the first year will solidify and no longer be available to plants. This nitrogen gets flushed into rivers and streams as pollution.

Economic problems are felt by many, Beekeepers getting wiped out, farmers afraid of being sued for patent infringements, Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico losing their income over massive fish kills from every spring run off. Then New Orleans is more vulnerable to hurricanes because of the loss of natural barriers from run off.

We need to go back to the way we farmed in the beginning of the 1900's, farmers were learning the value of compost. They learned if they piled manure for a year it would be a super fertilizer. But today we inject fresh liquid manure into the soil and expect safe edible crops. Instead we must wash our produce in bleach water to kill bacteria. it's becoming common place to radiate beef to kill bacteria because of raising cattle in concentration camps. Common for beef cattle to stand in manure 1 to 2 feet deep.

You seem to think that there will be advancement in GMO technology. I see it differently, in that there is no incentive for companies like Monsatan to change. They created GMO's for the purpose of selling more chemicals, and nothing more.

I do believe all unnatural foods are bad, they get people hooked on them at a young age with fast food restaurants. These cheap highly processed foods are cheap but we all pay the high price of bad health the rest of our lives. I expect American life span to drop in the next 20 years.

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