Comment: Good morning Daily Paul!

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Good morning Daily Paul!

Noon o'clock and I'm just rolling out of bed.

I'm glad you enjoyed the song. Thank you Lao Tzua for the blog. What an interesting thing to do with a blog. I'll have to take a look at it. Maybe one day in the future some neocon will do the same thing for Ron Paul, lol.

Thanks Joeseph for introducing Alexa to us. She's got a beautiful voice. There are great finds to be found at the thrift store! Especially the ones around here, in the late spring / early summer, after all the students have dropped off all their stuff.

I guess you guys missed the Illuminati symbolism, but that's ok ;)

Good insights John Robb:

What marks the 70s as musically special is the depth of artistry achieved in producing sappy pop music. At the heart of that were talented songwriters like Billy. the "right track" always ultimately ends in paradox. What once seemed so pretentious is eventually seen as the standard of unpretentiousness, and that's what has always marked the genius of Billy Joel. That's actually what this song is all about. That of course is why it's always been my favorite love song. It cuts through the pretense and expresses that which is impeccably down to earth. Seeing the live performance here enhances that experience as it shows so simply a guy singing his guts out about something so real. It ain't actually saccharine. It's pure organic sugar, the essential chemical at the axis of most all life as we know it.

The 70's were awesome. Jaron Lanier complains in "You Are Not a Gadget" that in our modern era there has been a dearth of good music. In spite of all the tools that musicians have (Garage band, etc.) little more than stagnation and repetitiveness has been the result.

What do you guys think of that?

Happy Weekend everyone!

He's the man.